CBD For Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

We are in an exciting time where research is becoming more readily available in regards to the well of goodness that CBD has to offer. In the past few years CBD has become a well known term in the states and many parts of the world. Just a few years ago, this was not a household name as it is now. We feel so fortunate we to be present in the shift of perspective around the healing properties of CBD for both humans and animals! Today we’ll dive into how this versatile cannabinoid can be a huge ally in combating separation anxiety in dogs (one of the many conditions it can be supportive of!)

What Are Signs Of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

If you have a pup that has anxiety, you have likely experienced one or more of the following symptoms (all of which can be categorized into ‘general nervous energy.’)

  • Pacing, panting, and/ or barking before their owner leaves the house.
  • Drooling, whining, and/or crying.
  • Chewing furniture, pawing at rugs, and/or tearing up trash.

There can also be other scenarios that bring on anxious patterns in dogs, here are a few:

  • Driving
  • Socializing with certain breeds
  • Lots of energy in the home
  • Life changes such as:
    • The pup is introduced to a new baby
    • Moving / changing environment or routine
    • Adjusting to sharing their human with another dog

These circumstances are important to note mainly because dogs are not that different from humans! They take time to adjust to new environments and need extra love when there are drastic shifts in their world. The great news is with a little extra training the use of CBD infused treats, their system calms and serotonin levels increase.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

How Does CBD Work For Treating Anxiety?

Great question! CBD communicates directly with many systems in the brain. It works similar to a class of antidepressants known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRI. By signaling the serotonin receptors it helps the brain transmit more serotonin signals. Having more serotonin readily available can reduce anxiety and increase mood! 

CBD is also an excellent source of antioxidants and therefore can help in eliminating oxidative stress when your pup is aging. When the brains of aged dogs accumulate oxidative damage to the proteins and lipids, it can  lead to dysfunction of neuronal cells. This can cause behavioral shifts such as separation anxiety and/or immune system weakening. Another strong preventative of oxidative stress build up, is to feed your pup whole complete dog food. These are a few reasons we are such firm believers in the product line we created using organic, locally sourced ingredients infused with full spectrum CBD! Combat stress= eliminate anxiety!  

How  Can Your Pup Receive The Benefits Of CBD

If you notice any of the above behavior patterns in your four-legged, they may be experiencing some form of anxiety. The excellent news is a small dose of CBD (3-5mg) may severely decrease symptoms within 20 minutes! Some pups may need a bit of a larger dose, and the great news is they cannot overdose! An excellent way to begin is with a low dose and gradually increase it throughout the following five days.  Pay close attention to how your dog is responding to the medicine. We recommend three times a day for dosage (morning, afternoon, and evening.) We are big fans of the dosed treats of course and another way to give your dog CBD is through tincture form by putting directly into their food or mouth.

CBD dog treats

To know whether it is working or not, observe your dog’s behavior patterns and look for decreased anxious energy. If your pup’s system is not seeming to calm down or they are in a scenario that can cause anxiousness, go ahead and give them twice the dose. When we do road trips (what used to be a big anxiety causer for my rescue pit, we would give her treats the whole way to shift the experience to a positive one rather then anxiety causing.) Her experience in the car is now much more pleasant both for her and her humans. She is able to relax and sleep most the way with no nervous panting, drooling or scratching!

Taking Your Pups Health Into Your Hands

When we first brought home our beautiful rescue pit, she was an angel for the first two weeks. Perfectly behaved and affectionate. House trained, great on the leash, and excellent with other dogs. Heaven sent as far as we were concerned. On the third week of her being a part of the family, she started to exhibit the above behavior. We would come home to mess of torn of recycling, chewed through hats and exhausted from trying to expel her anxious state. In my ignorance as a first time pup adopter, I thought this was normal behavior of a one and half year old rescue pup with minimal training. Little did we know she was exhibiting severe separation anxiety (after being abandoned on the streets and it was our job to shift her reality for the better!) We can happily report that Reina is doing fabulously and CBDawgs treats is part of her daily regimen now ( with extra doses for long car rides!)

CBDawgs treats

It is our role as dog owners to give them the best life possible. They rely on us to feed them properly, exercise them adequately, and of course discipline and love them unconditionally. By implementing CBD into their daily regimen, it not only acts as treatment to symptoms such as the ones above, but it can also be a preventative for experiencing such symptoms in the future. We hope this information is helpful in discerning what your four-legged family may need! Leave a comment below or message us directly for specific questions!


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